About Us


Our Founder

Karen Lutz began practicing yoga later in life, and found back pain relief for herself, once she developed a daily practice. Karen decided to delve into studying at a deeper level and started teacher training several years later. Shortly after receiving her Yoga Alliance RYT certification, she received her Yoga Ed. Teaching certification to teach children.

Karen has been a CAM therapist for one of the local hospital groups for several years, and specializes in gentle and chair yoga for those who are either limited in mobility, reluctant to get onto a mat, or are recovering from an injury or illness.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually, Karen has found yoga to be a healing aspect in her life, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share the practice offering her students the ability to open doors to a more gratifying life through yoga.  Karen is currently working on a chair yoga publication, teaches in the Oakland County area, and continues to attend teacher trainings and studies.

In 2005, Karen founded Changing Poses LLC, which offers non-toxic, biodegradable, and aroma-therapeutic yoga mat cleaners to students, teachers and yoga studios.


Our Products

In The Beginning

This all began when we noticed the communal mats in one of our favorite yoga studios were being cleaned with a toxic and foul smelling product. We developed our non toxic cleaners to offer subtle aromatherapy as these non toxic cleaners safely sanitize and protect your surfaces.

Green Home Cleaning Products

We began cleaning yoga mats in 2005 with our green natural cleaning products. Now we are offering our green natural cleaning products for the home. You’ll learn to love the smell of your home after using these non toxic cleaners. We’ve focused on some of the best ways to use lavender essential oil by implementing the idea of making true green home cleaning products.

Start Seeing Results

Safely sanitize the surfaces in your home, and know you are not harming your environment. Clean your granite counter tops without a sticky residue or streaking. You could say we’ve figured out some of the best ways to use lavender essential oil with our green natural cleaning products.

Best Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil

Balance begins at home! Neutralize cooking odors in your kitchen sink and on the counters with our green home cleaning products. Choose from lemongrass and tea tree oil or our lavender essential oil.


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