It’s always good to hear about our all natural cleaning product. People learn to love how great the smell of our eco friendly cleaners are as well as how great you’ll feel after following some of our natural healthy home cleaning tips. What people most appreciate is how our natural healthy home cleaning tips increase the serenity of their home or mats.


Here are some testimonials from a few customers that use our all natural cleaning product.


I LOVE THE SCENT (lemongrass and tea tree) of this product. So clean and energizing! The scent lingers on the mat so it makes my yoga routine so much more enjoyable. Bonus aromatherapy session!

-MPB, Williamsburg VA


When my kitchen counter needs to be neutralized of cooking odors, I love using balancehome’s lemongrass and tee tree oil spray cleaner!

-Mary S., Southern California


We started to use Balance products to clean our sinks in the bathroom! Try the lavender essential oil cleaner, it is simply wonderful! Not too strong like some of the others I have tried.

-J. Parker, Bolder CO



Be sure to provide us with your experiences with our eco friendly cleaners as well, so we can let others know.

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