The Essentials of Getting into Yoga in an Environmentally Friendly Way

February 11th, 2011

Practicing yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility, strength and mental focus. The poses of Hatha yoga focus on the physical development of the body in preparation of long periods of meditation. Yoga also promotes an overall way of living healthy both in and out of the home. In order to effectively prepare yourself for your yoga session there are a few things you need to get started:

Studio: You should take your time and shop around for the right studio, instructor and style of yoga. Remember, there are many different philosophies and approaches to those philosophies.  You may want to start with a visit to yoga studios that are walking or biking distance from where you live.  Find a studio that resonates with you, and if you are fortunate enough to find a close one, you might be inclined to practice more often. You may also want to think about finding a studio close to where you work.

Clothes: We all want to look our best especially when we are out in public. Just keep in mind that when choosing your shirt and pants 2 factors should drive your decision.

a.  Fit: Some of the poses that you will be practicing will require you to bend over at the waist, lay flat on your belly or back or any number of twists and turns. Keep this in mind when you are looking at the neckline of your workout shirt and when selecting a sports bra.  Clothes that are comfortable will offer you greater flexibility and freedom when you move.

b.  Material: You can go one of two ways with this one. You can opt for the state of the art moisture wicking top and color coordinating yoga pants. The other option is pure cotton.  Organic cotton is an environmentally friendly option, but it’s important to consider the intensity of your session when making that decision.

Good News: Yoga is usually practiced with bare feet. That means that you can save money on buying new shoes or a fancy pair of $30 moisture wicking sports socks.

Gear: One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need is your yoga mat. Yoga mats are available in many lengths and colors. Find one that is durable and easy to clean. There are other accessories you may want to incorporate into your practice such as blocks, blankets and straps, however most yoga studios offer these for your use during practice.

Yoga Mat Cleaner: Just as important as your yoga mat is the cleaner you choose to clean it – and yes, you should clean it after each use. Even a little sweat will transfer odor-causing bacteria to your yoga mat. BalanceHome has a great selection of yoga mat cleaners. They are non-toxic and made from natural ingredients. The Tea Tree oil and lemongrass cleaner disinfects and has a revitalizing and clean scent. The lavender essential oil cleans your yoga mat and leaves your mat with a calming fresh scent.

That should be enough to get you well on your way.  Namaste

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