Wash Your Hands and Go Green with a Green Alternative to Hand Sanitizer

June 7th, 2011

Non-Chemical Cleaner: Lavender Home CleanerWe all know that bacteria forms on our hands and frequent washing and cleaning of our hands is recommended. Doctors are required to wash their hands in between patients and often we see wall mounted dispensers available in or just outside of patient rooms to facilitate the sanitizing process.  A simple push on the lever, and a unit of cleaner is dispensed and there is no need for added towels. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  And of course, look at all the chemically derived hand sanitizers out there, available to the general population.

The concern here is facing the possibility and probability that certain strains of bacteria will become immune to this cleaning process when one cleans their hands in this manner on a frequent basis.  These products contain chemicals.

Non-Chemical Cleaners

Non-chemical cleaners based from essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree oil can safely and effectively sanitize without the possibility of developing strains of bacteria that may become immune to the cleaning process.

Essential oils come from a variety of places, and depending upon the time of day, ground, and location, the properties of these essential oils are constantly changing. As a result of varying properties, it is just about impossible to develop strains of bacteria that become immune to the cleaners.

In addition to having properties that vary, essential oil based cleaners are known to be aromatherapeutic.  Subtle fragrances can enhance mood and awaken the senses.

Green Alternative to Hand Sanitizer

Green Alternative to Hand SanitizerYou might want to think twice before you select your choice of a hand sanitizer, and consider a natural option rather than applying chemicals to your skin. The perfect green alternative to a commercial hand sanitizer are Balance Home’s Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Wipes.

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